We are Olga, Golda, and Steven and we’re very pleased to make your acquaintance.  If you’d like to learn more about us, check out our “About Us” section.  There you can learn about what we’re here for.  Let’s get started, shall we?

This month we’ll be covering Venice, California.  If you’re new to the area, Venice is a smaller neighborhood located just south of Santa Monica.  This month we’ll cover all sorts of fun events and entertainment options in that area, and we’ll be keeping all our adventures to $15 a night, or less.

I decided to start with Venice because October is going to be warm and there will still be plenty of sunlight to enjoy the beach-city.  We can save the more in-land parts of Los Angeles for the colder months ahead!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions we’d love to hear them!  You are always welcome to leave a comment on our blog or email us directly at

Additionally, if you don’t feel like making the drive all the way to the beach, check out our monthly calendar for different events around the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Stay tuned for our first event next week!


The Writing Staff


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