Del Monte Speakeasy Round Up by Steven

Olga, Golda, and I were intrigued with the notion of a comedy and burlesque show being held together at a speakeasy, a former establishment that sold bootlegged alcohol during the Prohibition.  This particular speakeasy is held in the basement of the Townhouse.  I have never been to a speakeasy before nor have I been to a burlesque.  The fact that this weekly event is free also becomes a draw.

Those, whose only exposure to comedians are through television shows, will definitely be surprised by what Del Monte Speakeasy has to offer.  The jokes are raw and uncensored.  The comedians don’t show any sign of remorse as they tell jokes ranging from sex to race to even politics.  There was even a case of an audience member leaving after finding one such joke too offensive to his taste.  However, such freedom of expression really allows us a rare opportunity to see them bring out their whole range of talents, and with a wide selection of comedians performing, there’s a joke for every individual from humor catering to Venice locals to gags satisfying even Harry Potter fans.  Just be prepared to enter the speakeasy with a high tolerance level and an open mind.  If you hope to be more interactive, feel free to sit in the front, and you’re guaranteed to have a joke played at your expense.  We were sitting in the front, and by the end of the evening, I was known to the crowd as the “picnic Asian” because of my plaid shirt, and Olga was known as the “big-breasted woman.”

Those who stayed afterwards were also treated to a burlesque show.  I have to admit that my only experience with burlesque was through the movie with Christina Aguilera.  Obviously it will be difficult for me to critique it fairly without going to a different burlesque show for comparison.  With that said, I found the show to be more striptease than burlesque with girls dancing seductively in their bras.  What makes this different from a strip show?  The dancers don’t strip naked so that visual depends on your own imagination.  It’s more classy, and did I mention it’s free?

If comedy and burlesque end up not being your cup of tea, feel free to head back to the first floor for some drinks at the bar or some pool table.  (Be forewarned that they probably make back the money for the lack of cover charge with the drinks costing $12.)  If you are looking for something to do on a Wednesday evening with friends, definitely give the Del Monte Speakeasy a chance.  It’s located beneath the Townhouse on 52 Windward Avenue.

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