Wurstküche by Steven

Wurstküche is a restaurant that is known for its exotic grilled sausages, and it is one of my favorite inexpensive establishments to eat out with friends in Los Angeles.  Just recently, they even opened a new branch in Venice!  To celebrate, I am going to describe my own experience eating at the original branch in Downtown LA.

The first thing I noticed upon arriving at Wurstküche was the long line extending to the streets.  That was already a good indicator on the quality of its food, and it also gave me a higher expectation as a result.  While waiting, one of the employees approached us to take our orders on drinks.  In addition to its wide range of sausages, Wurstküche also specializes in Belgian and German beer.  They stock a wide variety of beer to please everyone.  There’s the Floris Apple Ale that is fermented with apples to satisfy those who prefer something sweet.  There’s also the Hopfen-Weisse with a high alcohol content of 8.2% for those who just want to get drunk fast.  I got the Bitburger, a beer that is crisp, refreshing, and goes down smooth.  Each beer is served in its own type of glass to showcase its individuality.  Unfamiliar with Belgian and German beer?  No problem.  The guy taking our orders must have been a connoisseur in beer.  His descriptions on how they taste were extremely accurate, and he also gave us recommendations based on our own preferences.

Once we placed our food orders at the cashier, we went to sit down.  For newcomers, the Wurstküche in Downtown gives off an illusion of being small and cramped when you’re standing in line.  However, when you enter their dining room, you’ll find that it’s much bigger in the inside with enough space to accommodate several dozen patrons.  Furthermore, the tables and chairs are wooden to give off a warm, natural, intimate vibe of an old-fashioned European pub.

There’s a reason why the sausages in Wurstküche are considered exotic because I ended up getting the rattlesnake and rabbit sausage with jalapeño peppers, which is one of their specialities.  Despite its name, it is really sweet and juicy, and the rattlesnake meat isn’t overpowering at all.  The jalapeño also adds a bit of tanginess without being overbearingly spicy.  You can also choose two toppings for your sausage from a selection of caramelized onions, sauerkraut, sweet peppers, and spicy peppers.  If you want to try something exotic but more tame, I heard that the buffalo, beef, and pork with chipotle peppers is also quite popular.  If you’re eating with friends, share some Belgian fries as well with a sauce of your choice.  My favorite two were the bleu cheese walnut and bacon and the curry ketchup.

If you don’t want the hassle of driving all the way down to Torrance to celebrate Oktoberfest, why not spend it at Wurstküche in Venice instead with their great sausages and wide selection of German beers.  My sausage and Bitburger only costed me a little under $15 total so it’s quite affordable.  The branch in Venice is located at 625 Lincoln Blvd while the original restaurant in Downtown LA is located at 800 E 3rd Street.

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