Del Monte Speakeasy Round Up by Olga

Hello folks,

I’ll be blasting the blog today with a bunch of my reviews.  I apologize for being absent for the past week, but vacation called!

First, I’d like to cover the trip to the Speakeasy we went to last week.  Can I start by saying how much I **LOVE** steampunk culture? Go watch “9” and try to disagree with me.

So, the night started off on a high note with the “Venice Underground Comedy Show,” I enjoyed each comic for different reasons, but there were definitely some I enjoyed more than others. There was definitely something for everyone. A pleasant surprise was that the show ran all the way from 9p.m. to 11p.m. even though it was a free show. The Redlight Burlesque show started around 11:30 p.m. and was hosted by a miniature Jack Sparrow (no joke!). The girls were all stunningly beautiful and the show was nothing short of classy. I didn’t feel like I was at a strip show or a XXX club at any point, and the girls only stripped to their (really cool) underwear.

If you’re curious about what the show looked like, I suggest checking out Steven’s post from earlier last week.

The drinks at the bar were a little on the expensive side, I ended up caving and getting two drinks, both were $12 each. However, as I mentioned in the introduction post to the Del Monte Speakeasy at the Townhouse, they do have a happy hour earlier in the evening. Can we say pre-party?

The basement usually doesn’t open until the show starts so here’s what I recommend for the future, for instance this coming Wednesday:

Arrive early (around 6 or 7 p.m.) and have a light dinner at the Cairo Cowboy, a Mediterranean place next door to the Townhouse. If you remember, we talked about Tornado Potato food truck in the First Friday posts earlier this month. This place has the same concept potato, but it was significantly cheaper. All in all, I had a satisfying dinner for around 9 dollars. I could have easily paid a lot less. I tried the falafel sandwich and Mediterranean Fries which were delicious and I highly recommend them.

Go get a couple drinks at the Townhouse which happy hour is still available, hang out, chill with the other bar-goers, and spread the word about the Comedy Show.

At about 8:50 p.m. someone will start walking through the upper-level letting people know that the downstairs is open. When you get downstairs, take a seat close to the front, otherwise an usher will try to get you to move closer, so you’ll just be saving yourself a move later on. Steven and I sat in the very front right away, and although a couple jokes were aimed at us, mostly they went after the lesbian couple sitting right in the middle of the front row. A word to the wise? Try to have a sense of humor if you’re going to go to a comedy show.

There was a hot-dog truck outside the Townhouse all night. The food ranged in the under-$5 category, and it looked pretty good. I mean, the mac-and-cheese hot dog? Where could that possible be wrong? They also have a specialty grilled cheese hot dog that is not listed on the menu. It’s a juicy hot dog with a crispy cheesy layer between it and the bun.

The comedy show has no intermissions and lasts approximately two hours. There are cocktail waitresses if you decide to get another drink, but at that point you’ll be breaching the $15 mark, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. After the comedians are done, the floor is cleared of folding chairs and a runway is created for the burlesque show. There’s a teaser show almost immediately, and then there’s a 30-minute intermission followed by a complete show. I’m not going to lie, we didn’t stay after the intermission because we were all exhausted.

All in all it was a better night out than I’ve had in a while. I got a chance to laugh which was refreshing after a less-than-wonderful day, and a hump-day at that.

I’ll probably be going to Wednesday night Venice Underground Comedy Shows regularly from here on out. That’s all I’ve got.




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