Venice Beach Art Crawl Round Up by Olga

Okay, so we went to the Venice Beach Art Crawl last Thursday.

Unfortunately, I took a bunch of awesome photos (for once) and then realized that my camera’s USB cord is back home at my parent’s house. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a way to get these photos off to show you, but I’m also positive that Steven took just as many photos (of much better quality) and isn’t a total klutz that lost his camera cable.

What to say about the Art Crawl… It was a fairly well-done block party for Venice. The art galleries and out-door vendors were spread out throughout the neighborhood which gives people who don’t go to Venice often an overview of what the area looks like. A couple of the artists were really cool, and I stopped to talk to them for a bit. Some artists of note worth checking out were Myles Duke, a self-proclaimed artistic genius who paints skateboards and urban scenes. Some of his work, a Buddhist Monk, for instance, were particularly well done and I would have considered buying it if wouldn’t have broken my $15 budget! I also enjoyed the work we saw at the “My House” art gallery which was a re-modeled loft at 66 1/2 Winward Ave. I’ll do a more detailed walk-through of our night when I get my photos off my camera (boo-hoo, I know). In the meantime, let me say that my friends were unimpressed with the quality of the block-party. There was just one food truck, for instance. There wasn’t really a “walk” more like a cluster of artists spread out through Venice. There was a hand-drawn, difficult-to-read map that broke down where the different showings were, and while some where in galleries or on the street, some were in private residences. Awkward to go into someone’s house, especially because I had to wonder where the Kraft lunchabels bologna had been before it got to the serving plate in some of these places. Yikes!

All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad night. I got to talk to my friends about things that we don’t typically talk about. Art, artist influences, and so on. Next month, we’ll be covering down-town and we’ll be covering the downtown art walk, so we’ll be able to compare notes.

Stay tuned for an updated (read: overhaul) of this blog later this week and for our suggestions on what to do this week.




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