LA Opera Free Open House and Metro Tours by Olga

Greetings Happy People!

I know it’s short notice, but I have your events for this week!

This year is the 25-year anniversary of the LA Opera, and to celebrate, they’ve opened their doors for free for tomorrow morning to showcase their acts and history. The event starts at 9 a.m. at the Opera with a performance in the main hall, followed by (sold out) backstage tours, side shows, scheduled performances (for FREE!), and the whole thing runs until 4 p.m.

There is a schedule of all the events online.

Parking at the Opera costs $9, which is completely unreasonable, and you shouldn’t pay that much. We suggest carpooling and parking at the Cathedral down the street for $5 instead. Furthermore, there will be plenty of inexpensive $5-or less parking surrounding the Opera, especially on a Saturday morning.

So that’s your Saturday plans! If you’re interested in exploring the area after you’re done with the Opera, drive on over to Little Tokyo to check out the best Ramen, the best Mochi, the best gifts, Bao (you should learn about it), and Japanese culture.

As for your Sunday plans, check out the LA Metro free art tours at 10 a.m. They leave from the Hollywood and Highland Metro station at exactly 10 a.m., and because you’re with the tour (which is free), you get a free day-long metro pass, which means you could go all the way to Ling Beach if you wanted to.

Now I know that the tours aren’t in Downtown, but, if you go on the tour, you could get to Downtown for free later that day and check out more of the city. For instance, you could check out the AFI Festival and watch a screening of a film for free! Movies such as “50/50” debuted at the AFI festival before reaching critical acclaim and hitting theaters worldwide. You might just see the next big film for free a year before everyone else does. Bonus? A lot of stars such as Danny Masterson (Hyde from “That 70’s Show”) produce and act in independent films and often go to the debut screenings!

Happy Exploring!




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