Mar Vista Farmers’ Market by Steven

A place I enjoy going to for lunch on Sundays is the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market. A lot of booths in the farmers’ market sell food and drinks for under $10, including delicious crepes, tacos, burgers, pies, and freshly squeezed lemonade. After grabbing my food, I normally sit down at the tables that are situated in the center, where a performer or DJ will play music to the crowd.

If you are the type who wants to cook your own food, there are obviously tons of fruits and vegetables for sale in the booths on the farther end of the farmers’ market. While the produce may cost more than those in Vons and Albertsons, there are definitely a larger selection available, and you will also be supporting local farmers. There’s even one popular stand that allows you to sample their various types of seasonal peaches and plums. In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also find different kinds of cheese, hummus, olive oil, and more for your snacks. Occasionally they also offer arts and crafts and jewelry as well.

Mar Vista Farmers’ Market is definitely a relaxing way to start out Sunday with your friends, family, or even by yourself. For those with dogs, they also provide dog sitters for your benefit. Mar Vista’ Farmers Market opens every Sunday from 9AM to 2PM on Grand View Blvd off of Venice Blvd. There are street parking available. If you are coming from Downtown or Santa Monica, you can also take Metro Line 733 or 33 for only $1.50 for a single trip.

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