Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk by Golda

Downtown LA Art Walk is an amazing experience. Where else can you view a few dozen art galleries for free? Along with it, you get the vibrant downtown LA scene and delicious food trucks. I have been to Artwalk three times in the four months that I’ve lived in Los Angeles and never been disappointed.

Essentially Art Walk is a chance to view what the artists of Los Angeles have to offer in painting, sculpture, watercolor and so much more. The 50 or so galleries are spread throughout Downtown, although most heavily concentrated around Spring and Main St. If you’re visiting for the first time, I suggest walking along Spring Street in order to view the many galleries. Many galleries offer freebies just for visiting such as wine, treats, and even pieces of art.

One of my favorite galleries in Art Walk is Djembre & Canvas. It showcases beautiful Japanese-inspired pop art and even some 3D paintings. I will definitely be buying something from this artist in the future so check it out! I also enjoy art that incorporates unique elements (such as nails and wood) and some Dia de los Muertos papier-mâché pieces that I saw this month.

Ever since July, when an awful tragedy took place during Art Walk, the food trucks have been moved further and further away from the galleries. Many different food trucks visit Art Walk every month. I tried The Grilled Cheese Truck for the first time at Art Walk, and highly recommend it, although you could easily spend all night waiting in line. I also enjoyed The Boba Truck, Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto and the ZZ truck. According to my friends, the pulled pork slider and umami fries from the ZZ truck is delicious. There are also several sauces to try such as horseradish and barbecue chipotle.

If you have some time before Art Walk:

  • Check out the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo. Walk east on Spring St., turn right at East 1st st and walk to 369 E 1st St. It’s free every Thursday after 4pm. Two hours is more  than enough time to visit this museum and learn a bit about our country’s history. I went during the Usagi Yojimbo exhibit, so I saw many drawings of this famous comic.
  • The food trucks at Art Walk offer a great variety of food, but if you’re really craving some amazing ramen, stop by Daikokuya for a giant bowl of ramen that will keep you full all night. The wait is sometimes long, but so worth it. I also enjoy the gyoza drenched in peanut oil. Yum.
  • Check out the Sister Cities of Los Angeles sign on 1st Street. It shows all the sister cities of Los Angeles and their distance from our lovely city.

 You may be wondering why aren’t there more pictures of art in this post? Because I want you to come out to Art Walk and see everything for yourself, silly! Check out over 50 photos we took of Art Walk on our Facebook page!! What would you enjoy seeing most at Art Walk Hope to see you there next time!



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