Santa Monica Main Street Holiday Event by Golda

Shopping Cart Christmas TreeA few weeks ago, Steven and I attended one of the many holiday celebrations going on in LA. We attended the Santa Monica Main Street Holiday Event. It promised free food, lights, and holiday fun. While it was a fun way to explore Downtown Santa Monica, the “food” was actually treats and candies.

For me, the highlight of the party was seeing the beautifully lit Christmas “trees.” There was a large tree at the Edgemar Center for the Arts made completely out of shopping carts, decorations, and lights. Talk about unique! The lighting of the tree also included carolers. Further along Main Street at the California Heritage Museum, we encountered a more traditional Christmas tree.  There was a musical performance in the parking lot across the street from Urth Caffe and in the warehouse in front of Deyermond Art + Books. The Deyermond bookstore is a great place to find vintage hardcover books. If you haven’t been there yet, definitely check it out!

Thai VeganIn a few shops along Main Street, we did find some hot cider and treats such as candy and macaroons. None of these snacks amounted to a meal though so we opted to try Thai Vegan across the street from Urth Caffe. It’s a great vegan place with cheap curry for under $10. If you’re a fan of coconut, I suggest ordering the coconut milk – it’s served in a fresh young coconut!

Sorry we have been slow to post lately. With the holidays approaching, we’ve been so busy! We do still regularly update on daily events on our Twitter account @SurvivingLA. Follow us so you know what’s going on in your neighborhood everyday! Happy Holidays, everyone!



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