The Notice Network’s People’s Choice Awards Pre Party by Steven

The Notice Network held a free event last week at Naya Lounge to honor the 2012 People’s Choice Awards nominees. Details on the event at the time were vague. According to their event page, there would be celebrities in attendance, a fashion exhibit, gourmet appetizers, a red carpet, and plenty of networking. What was the event like? Was it worth going to? Golda and I went to give you the exclusives.

When we arrived, we immediately noticed two things in front of the entrance. First of all, the red carpet was really just a red carpet with a backing board mounted on a stand. Here, celebrities posed for the cameras. By celebrities, I mean mostly fashion models and not Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The second thing we’ve noticed was the frightfully long line, which you could skip if you paid $15 ($25 at the door if you’re male) for VIP. Fortunately for Golda and me, we showed up fifteen minutes in advance so we were one of the first to enter for free.

Due to the size of the line, I had high expectations for what was in store for us inside Naya Lounge. As soon as we’ve entered, I found out the real reason for the line. The regular lounge was small and couldn’t obviously accommodate the number of people waiting outside. In addition, we had to share space with a bar, a DJ, and a fashion exhibit of models posing with patrons for photos. Gourmet appetizers consisted of crumbs of samosa. In the other room was the restaurant. The lounge for VIP attendants was located above the restaurant. It was significantly smaller than the regular lounge and much less remarkable. Luckily, there was an outside patio for those of us feeling a bit claustrophobic. With the exception of the fireplaces making me smell like barbecue, the patio was one of the best spots for me to chat with people, especially when there’s no music blasting at you, and talking to people should be one of the main reasons to attend this event.

As we’ve mentioned before, we at “Surviving LA on a Budget” are “a collective of broke, entry-level, (hopefully) future Hollywood tycoons,” and I assume a lot of people in LA are as well. Therefore, networking is very important so it’s essential to take advantage of events that let you mix and mingle like the ones The Notice Network hold. There were a few producers in attendance, but we also met entry-level actors, editors, and filmmakers much like ourselves. In the end, The Notice Network’s People’s Choice Awards Pre Party was not really a celebrity event no matter how much they’ve dressed it up. Even if it had nothing to do with the actual People’s Choice Awards, it was still a free event (if you have patience waiting in line), and it was a good place to network. For future events, be sure to visit The Notice Network.

For more photos, be sure to check out our Facebook page. Be sure to keep a look out for our upcoming post on Chinese New Year events.

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