dineLA Pick: Osaka Hollywood by Golda

Last week, Steven and I decided to take advantage of dineLA and splurge out of our $15 range for a meal. Out of all the restaurants, we chose Osaka Hollywood for a night of fusion cuisine on Hollywood Boulevard.

Anyone who’s been to Hollywood knows that it can be hard to find parking, but some of the side streets off of Hollywood offer free or metered parking at night. Much better than the $8 valet offered by Osaka Hollywood. The decor of the restaurant is quite nice and modern. I especially like the two fountains in front. The walls are sleek and black, with ropes randomly hanging from the ceilings. The bathrooms are also quite unique, with a small stall and a flat, rectangular sink with two faucets.

Now on to the food! I must say, Osaka Hollywood does offer a great deal for dineLA. Not only do you get a three course meal, but also two free drinks for only $26! We got to try all the dishes offered. The classic ceviche was all right, but a bit too sour near the end for my taste. My favorite appetizer by far was the duck gyoza. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese dumplings, and the combination of duck and caramelized onions is just genius.

Next up was the sushi rolls and filet. I was initially looking forward to sushi when we chose this place, but I must say that spider and dragon rolls are more satisfying than this spicy roll. The filet was tender and quite tasty, but not quite my favorite of the night.

Finally, we were served dessert, which is often my favorite. The te brulee was superb; whoever thought of combining sweet, crunchy and and creamy is just brilliant. I would come back simply for this dish on its own. Although I do love chocolate, the other dessert, which was chocolate cake with green tea ice cream couldn’t win me over the te brulee.

As for the drinks, we were first served a sake cocktail and then a pitcher of hot sake. Needless to say we were a bit buzzed by the end of the night, so we walked to Amoeba Records to check out some great prices on DVDs.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to our waitress Sasha. She was extremely friendly and even shared with us some information about the restaurant. Apparently it has locations all over South America, but only one in the United States. The food is Peruvian-Japanese, a combination that naturally occurred when the Japanese settled in Peru. Awesome customer service.

In conclusion, if you’re wondering where to eat this week, I highly recommend Osaka Hollywood. Have a great week, Los Angeles, and be stay tuned for Steven’s review!

Please check out our Facebook page for more photos of the event and the great food! Also, check out our brand new 3D page for some 3D photos as well!!



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