Go Wild Party at Lomography Gallery Store by Steven

As a filmmaker, I love to take photos, and I’ve been interested in lomography ever since I’ve seen those lovely Holga and Diana+ cameras lined up in front of Urban Outfitters.  Some may consider the surreal effects to be the result of a poorly-constructed plastic camera that can be replicated with Photoshop and even smart phone apps.  However, I like the idea of handling a roll of 35mm film, especially in this digital age.  Unfortunately, while they are cheaper than other cameras, it is not something I can afford at the moment, but when I received an invite from the Lomography Gallery Store in West Hollywood to their Go Wild Party, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to meet some Lomo owners and find out more about these cameras.

When I first entered, I was amazed and also slightly intimidated by the size of the store.  Being used to the small display in Urban Outfitters, it’s quite a sight to see a store dedicating two floors strictly to lomography.  Walls are decorated with a colorful collage of lomo photos.  The latest designs of Holga cameras are displayed in front of the cashier, stylized in leopard and snake skin imagery, hence the theme of the night, “Go Wild.”  While the leopard skin Holga is still made out of plastic, I was impressed by the simulated leathery feel of the snake skin Holga.

On the bottom floor, free pizza, fruits, and tropical cocktails were served, although tips were gladly appreciated.  A DJ performed from the top floor.  To reaffirm the jungle theme, we were all given foam animal masks to wear and pose for lomo photos, which you can find on their website.  Even though a majority of the attendees have worked with lomography for awhile, new learners like myself were welcomed, and they even gave me tips on how to start.  Furthermore, the employees shared their own personal experiences working with these cameras, and I could tell they enjoy working at the store.

The Go Wild Party at the Lomography Gallery Store was intended to promote the new jungle theme Holgas, but it was definitely a good way to meet other people who’ve worked with those cameras if you’re interested in delving into lomography.  Finally, if money is a concern for you like it is for me, the store also hosts events where you can rent their cameras on a budget!  They will be holding a Valentine’s Day Film Swap and Lunch Date this Saturday from 1pm to 3pm for $12, which includes training, lunch, a rental camera, and a roll of film that they will also develop for you for free!!  The Lomography Gallery Store is located at 7998 Santa Monica Blvd with free parking located at the back.  You can also take buses 4, 218, 704, and 780.

Please check out our Facebook page for more photos and our new Phereo page for our 3D photos of the event!!!  Also check out our previous post on suggestions for Valentine’s Day!!!

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