dineLA Pick: Susan Feniger’s STREET by Steven Wong

You are probably wondering why I’m writing another dineLA review. Isn’t dineLA over already? It’s not over for one upscale restaurant in WeHo, which has decided to extend the promotion for Valentine’s week.

STREET offers a wide selection of snacks from around the world, prepared by award-winning American chef, Susan Feniger. To maintain the “street” theme, the walls of the restaurant are lined up with street art of pedestrians. Candles light up both the dining area and the covered patio for a classy, romantic atmosphere. In terms of the price, $34 per person is a bit much for those on a budget, but one can find a reason to spend a little more on Valentine’s. One thing I’ve learned from dineLA is even though you’re not paying less to eat at the establishment, you’re getting a whole lot more for the same price. In Osaka Hollywood for instance, we were given more sake than we could drink. For STREET, we were able to taste five tapas, two entrees, and two desserts, which were more than enough for Golda and me.

dineLA allowed us to sample a wide range of food that showed what Susan Feniger’s STREET has to offer. As soon as we were seated, the server brought us their amuse-bouche, which was a black currant rice crispy treat with a stimulating curry aftertaste. Our tapas included Anatolian mushroom ravioli, angry eggs, albacore poke, New Orleans laundry day fritters, and Lebanese fattoush. Like the curry in the amuse-bouche, the crunchiness of the fried chickpeas and the spiciness of the green sriracha added something unexpected to the traditional ravioli and deviled eggs respectively, and I loved that. By itself, the albacore poke appeared more like a dressing than an actual salad since all the raw tuna were diced up. With the addition of the apple crisps, it worked perfectly as a topping, and I could imagine the snack being a big hit in parties. The New Orleans laundry day fritter reminded me of a croquette with its contrast of flaky crust and soft potato filling, topped with a spicy mayonnaise. The Lebanese fattoush was a decent Asian-style salad with a tangy, sour taste that’s minimized by the garlic pita croutons. I definitely preferred the crispy, thin texture of the pita croutons over regular croutons. We then waited for our entrees as another server took away our empty plates.

Compared to the tapas, the entrees took a little longer to prepare, giving us time to recover from the large amount of tapas we’ve consumed. They eventually brought out the two entrees: tatsutage fried chicken and lamb kafta meatballs. Golda favored the fried chicken while I preferred the meatballs. Although I loved how the fried skin was thin compared to those on most typical fried chicken, the combination of batter and creamy mayonnaise was just too rich for me. The meatballs were really tender, and the molasses provided a sweetness that’s comparable to caramelized onions. For desserts, we had Filipino sweet sticky rice tamale and chocolate pound cake. The sticky rice tamale reminded me of the Thai dessert, which is a favorite of mine, and I believed it would have been perfect with the addition of mango. Furthermore, I loved how the chocolate cake was neither too bitter nor too sweet, and the thin layer of peanut butter definitely enhanced the flavor. We were extremely full by the end so we unfortunately didn’t have any room for their famous Kaya toast, a toasted bread with coconut jam and fried egg.

All in all, I found the food to be very flavorful, similar to Southeastern Asian cuisine. They tend to lean towards the sweet side, which is fine if we only ordered a few dishes. However, with the amount of food we’ve received, the sweetness accumulated and ended up overpowering my palate. We also had a lot of people servicing us, but I felt it lacked the personal touch we felt from the waitress in Osaka Hollywood. On the other hand, STREET seemed busier that night compared to Osaka Hollywood so the waiters probably didn’t have time to stay at one particular table too long. I would have also preferred a bigger table since Golda got bumped a lot by the waiters and other patrons, but that’s just a minor detail. Overall we had an enjoyable experience in Susan Feniger’s STREET. The restaurant is located at 742 N. Highland Ave. Valet parking was around $8 when we went. There is free street parking except during peak hours on weekdays so please be wary of the signs. Bus 10 and 156 also stop near STREET.

Susan Feniger’s STREET will continue their dineLA promotion to this Friday so don’t miss out! For more photos, please check out our Facebook page. Also please follow us on Twitter @survivingLA for updates on more events! So what did you do for Valentine’s? Please leave your responses in our comments section.

Happy Valentine’s!


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