The Association Cocktail Classes by Golda

Steven and I seem to be on a roll with alcohol events: last week we went to the Association to learn how to mix some genuine cocktails. The classes are on Wednesdays at 7pm. If you’ve ever been to the Association, you know it’s legit. It seems like a hole in the wall, especially since it’s underneath a stone building in Downtown, but when you get inside, you know you’re in someplace cool. The Association has an intimate speakeasy feel, with red plush lounge booths surrounding the bar. Each booth has a crystal chandelier hanging, and the walls are also red – super classy! The place is small, but I hear you can reserve a booth for your party for FREE.

The drinks are of the highest caliber to boot. We each ordered a drink, both of which were unique and quite strong. Steven and I got lessons from Alex, who knows his stuff, as he participates in bartendending competitions. He showed us some of his tools: squeezers, strainers, shakers and iced pint glasses. He also gave us tips on how to use them to mix drinks. I learned the exact definition of a bitter. Then we mixed a cocktail called “The Last Word,” which was minty, refreshing, herbal and sweet. After, we mixed a variation called “The Final Word,” which was a sweeter drink. The last drink we made was a Pegu Club, which is similar to a Cosmopolitan. Alex informed us that when at a bar like the Association, you should never ask for a “sweet” drink but one that is well-balanced.

Of course I’m not going to share with you all the tips we learned, you’ll have to take the class yourself! But I will say that the class was extremely informative on the history and mixing of cocktails. Learning about the science, technique and history gives one a new appreciation for what you’re drinking, so I highly recommend taking this class. After, you’ll finally have an awesome party trick to show off!

At the bottom of this post, I’ll post a few more pictures we took of the Association. Its a lovely bar with a great happy hour from 5 to 7pm with cocktails only $5! You can also get salami, or brie and crackers to offset the cocktails. Regular drinks at the Association are around $11 which is not bad for such as classy venue. On Wednesday there is another cocktail class and if you’re interested in going, you can RSVP here.

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