First Fridays at the Natural History Museum by Golda

I moved to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay Area. I love LA, but a girl can’t forget her roots. One of the best events I’ve been to is NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Dancing + drinks + live animals and learning? What’s not to like? So when I found out that the LA Natural History Museum hosts a similar event, I got excited. Steven, and our friend from The Social Bug, Holly and I went to the last First Friday, which was actually on March 30, and I’m happy to report that it is indeed a truly great way to spend a Friday night in Los Angeles!

During First Fridays, the Natural History Museum stays open past it’s usual 5pm close time, with live music, DJs, tours, presentations, and alcohol. The fun starts at 5pm, with tours for the first three half hours. I missed the tour of the dinosaur exhibit due to work and horrible LA traffic, but Steven and Holly filled me in on the vital details, like how dinosaur skeletons that we see in museums are often pieced together from several different animals, as it is almost impossible to find a complete skeleton. Interesting, huh?

We explored the Gem & Minerals Hall and Dinosaur & Fossil Halls most extensively. The gems were gorgeous, of course. I also just love learning about how crazy the world was before we came along…dinosaurs and mammals were huge back then! Many of the exhibits compared prehistoric animals to those of today. You can even touch dinosaur bones and listen to samples of noises dinosaurs may have made. I’m not afraid to admit it… science is cool. Of course it can also be pretty silly.

There were three food trucks outside of the museum for a convenient dinner. I got a Three Sisters Veggie Fry Bread from the Auntie’s Fry Bread trunk, and it was delicious. Fry Bread is like pizza, I suppose, but with soft and hot crust and no tomato sauce and lots of toppings – I highly recommend trying it.

One of the most interesting parts of the night was when we ran into a bonafide dinosaur before entering the Ancient Latin American Art Hall. He was rather camera shy, but Steven managed to chase him down to get some pictures before he took the elevator downstairs to the dance party.

Dancing in the Natural History MuseumThe drinks at First Friday aren’t anything fancy – mostly beer, wine and your basic cocktails for $5-$10. Also, you can only drink in the main lobby and the African American animal hall. There is a concert with every night that you can buy tickets to for $18, but you can hear the music and watch the concert outside in the lobby for only $12 so why pay more? We ended the night dancing with some very cool kids in the American American animal hall. Overall, First Fridays at the Natural History Museum is a great way to spend a Friday night – you can get drunk, dance and maybe even learn a thing or two.

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