Whimsic Alley by Steven

Have you ever wanted to experience the world of Harry Potter without having to fly to Universal Studios Orlando or pay around $50 to enter the Harry Potter museum in the Warner Bros. tour? You can, and it doesn’t require magic! Whimsic Alley is a store in Los Angeles that sells Harry Potter merchandise with a very unique twist!

When you first enter the store, you swear that you’ve been transported into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. That’s because all their merchandises are displayed within a replica of Diagon Alley. The prisoner on one of the numerous Azkaban wanted posters plastered on the walls even vanishes like in the books and films. There’s also a remarkable replica of the Hogwarts Hall in the back where they host high tea and other events. Speaking of events, Whimsic Alley is also where you go to purchase tickets to Wizard Rock concerts where bands perform music inspired by Harry Potter.

Let’s not forget that Whimsic Alley is a shop that offers all your favorite Harry Potter products, including Hogwarts school uniforms, brooms, and even copies of Gilderoy Lockhart’s “Magical Me.” There’s also a replica of Ollivander’s wand shop displaying a large collection of wands from Harry Potter’s wand made of holly and phoenix feather core to Severus Snape’s wand. Even if you’re under a budget, there are still many items you can purchase to get a taste of the Harry Potter world. For under $15, I was able to purchase Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, a chocolate frog with a collectible wizard card, and a pack of Butterbeer. Now you can enjoy Butterbeer without ever leaving LA! Of course, it’s also free to admire the replicas and take photos.

Whimsic Alley is a wonderful way to expose muggles and wizards to familiar locations within the Harry Potter universe, and there’s no admission fee! It is located in 5464 Wilshire Blvd. There is street parking available in the area. You can also take bus #20, 212, 312, and 720.

Check out 2D photos of Whimsic Alley in our Facebook page and 3D photos in our Phereo page. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA for all the latest LA events for $15 and under.

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2 thoughts on “Whimsic Alley by Steven

  1. Is it authorized? Or is it in danger of being shut down at any moment? Especially if they’re building a Harry Potter experience at Universal Hollywood.

  2. Despite the resemblance, they don’t use any trademarked names. For instance, the alleyway is called Whimsic Alley, not Diagon Alley. The hall is called the Great Hall, not the Hogwarts Hall.

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