Inka Deli by Steven

Are you planning to attend the Venice Spring Fling on Saturday or the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market on Sunday? Want to grab some great food along the way? Then give Inka Deli a try!

Originally located in the heart of Venice Beach, Inka Deli is a Peruvian restaurant that is rather hidden in its current location on Venice Blvd. Its interior may be simplistic with only a few vases hung on the wall, but it makes up for it with authentic Peruvian cuisine and terrific service. With the exception of Osaka Hollywood, which unfortunately went out of business, I seldom had Peruvian food. However, the waiter was very approachable and made a few recommendations. I ended up ordering Inca Kola and lomo saltado based on his suggestions. Inca Kola, also known as “the Golden Kola” due to its color, is a popular soft drink created in Peru in 1935. It tastes like a sweet licorice-flavored cream soda. Their loom saltado consists of tender sauteed beef, onions, and tomatoes served over warm, crispy French fries. As someone who has eaten shawarma with fries and huevos estrellados, I have to admit that I have developed a fondness of dishes that utilize French fries as a key ingredient rather than a side dish.

For under $15, Inka Deli is a fine place to eat if you want to try authentic Peruvian dishes. They also have lunch specials, sandwiches, and rotisserie chicken marinated with their herbs and spices. If you’re looking for some entertainment, be sure to go on Friday nights when they have live music performances. Inka Deli is now located on 12326 Venice Blvd by Centinela Ave. Street parking is available mainly on Pacific Ave. There is also a Mitsuwa/CVS/Chase parking lot across the street. Buses 33 and 733 pass by the restaurant as well.

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