Venice Spring Fling by Steven

Having attended the Venice Beach Art Crawl, Del Monte Speakeasy, First Friday at Abbot Kinney, and Santa Monica Main Street Holiday Event, the “Surviving LA on the Budget” team are indeed acquainted with Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Compared to those events however, the Venice Spring Fling is still growing as it’s only been around for two years. So how did it fare when compared to the others?

Unlike the other festivities, the Venice Spring Fling was held during the daytime outside Windward Plaza Park. It was a cloudy day so getting sunburned was not a concern for me. From my experience in Venice, I understand that walking in the promenade at night may not be the safest option. Since the Venice Spring Fling was held during the day, more people were comfortable in attending. Children and adults alike danced cheerfully to the music.

Compared to Art Crawl and First Friday, there was more emphasis placed on musical performances. A large stage was set up in Windward Plaza Park near the promenade for bands and bellydancers. Once again, I had the privilege of seeing Fly N Lion perform. Fly N Lion is a band Holly Winn from “The Social Bug” and I met in Danny’s at a previous Art Crawl. Most of the bands at the Venice Spring Fling played reggae to get the crowd moving.

Of course, it would not be Venice without the artwork, and the Venice Spring Fling did not disappoint in that department. In addition to using conventional canvas, artists also utilized guitars, skateboards, and clay skulls as visual mediums. The graffiti that is present at the nearby skatepark also provided a wonderful backdrop for the artists selling their artworks.

While art and music were plentiful at the event, the food choices were lacking. Only two food trucks participated. The first was My Organic Oasis, a food truck that served healthy, organic sandwiches, rolls, and smoothies. The other was our favorite vendor, Cairo Cowboy, who we previously reviewed in our blog. Instead of ordering from the Cairo Cowboy food truck, we opted to go to their sit-down restaurant half a block away, which had a beautiful patio for us to enjoy our pitas and twisted potato kabobs. For those in a hurry, the food truck was a good alternative.

The Venice Spring Fling is a good alternative to Art Crawl and Abbot Kinney for families who prefer to visit during the day. Because of its focus on music, there’s less artwork present, but there’s still enough to provide spectators a taste of what Art Crawl has to offer. The Windward Plaza Park can be reached by buses 1, 33, and 733. Please visit our Facebook page for more photos of the Venice Spring Fling, and please visit our Twitter page @SurvivingLA for updates on future events.

Stay tune for our upcoming announcement on our blog’s participation in next month’s Venice Art Crawl!!!

Until next time,



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