Thursday Night Lindy Groove by Golda

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me! With the coming of summer, life has caught up with me but soon I hope to get back to attending LA events! In the mean time, I figured I’d write about an event I haven’t been able to go to regularly, although I’d like to: Lindy Groove!

There is a whole swing dancing network in Los Angeles, and this is one of their favorite venues. Lindy Groove is held every Thursday night from 7:30pm to midnight at The Masonic Temple in Pasadena. It’s only $8 to meet some cool people and dance the night away! If you come around 7:30pm, you can catch a lesson in beginning or intermediate swing from the experts. But after 8:15pm, the lights dim and the music starts and you’re somewhat literally thrown to the wolves, as random people will come up to you and ask to dance.

The lessons are helpful and a great way to meet new people, as everyone is paired off and switches partners when learning each new move. It is perfectly acceptable to attend the lessons alone since they rotate you anyway. I won’t say that the moves are easy to pick up, as it differs person to person, but you can get the gist of a basic 8-count from the first lesson. The best way to learn is probably to keep coming, and not be intimidated by the goood dancers at Lindy Groove (boy there are a lot of them!)

Generally, I have found people to be welcoming at Lindy Groove, even for non-dancers like me. I guess I sort of have an advantage as a girl, as we usually follow anyway. If you have a good lead, even if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you can still attempt to follow along. The best ones teach you the steps so that you can keep dancing!

I suggest wearing comfortable shoes and bringing water. After dancing for an hour or so, you definitely get thirsty. Wear closed-toe shoes as it is likely that your feet will be stepped on. Usually they sell water for $2. Sometimes there is a masseuse that gives 15 minute massages and food trucks often stop by to feed hungry dancers. There is free parking across the street in a lot.

Birthday parties are a great deal at Lindy Groove because you get free cupcakes and can invite up to 10 of your friends to come to Lindy Groove for free. Overall, it’s a great way to spend a Thursday night, learning some steps and meeting new people!


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