Shakedown at Exchange Los Angeles by Steven

The “Surviving LA on a Budget” staff are no strangers to Yelp events in Los Angeles. Last year we attended the Pasadena Food Crawl that Yelp set up with the Pasadena Magazine. Last week “The Social Bug” blogger, Holly Winn, and I went to the “Shakedown” event at Exchange Los Angeles, a nightclub in Downtown LA. Yelpers were given the opportunity to RVSP on their VIP list, which waived the $10 cover charge if they entered before 11PM.

Exchange LA is held in the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange building. The nightclub hosted three dance floors within the 2+ story venue; each had their own DJs and bars. The main room featured a rainforest setting as luminescent flowers and jellyfishes surrounded the dance floor.

For me, music takes precedence over appearance whenever I go to a dance club, and “Shakedown” did not disappoint in that department. It fact, it might be one of my favorite dance events yet in LA. Hearing the same popular R&B and rap songs on repeat in a majority of LA clubs gets boring, and as a person who has an attachment to 90’s dance music, I’m always searching for a venue that plays fast, upbeat music that you can dance to. “Shakedown” provided the right prescription by offering electronic and funk music to the public. I especially loved the selection of house remixes that LA Muerte played. The beats were so strong and captivating that as Holly pointed out, even our cocktail glasses started dancing. It’s not surprising that breakdancers and hula dancers joined in on the fun.

Exchange Los Angeles does look expensive though, and that is reflected in the price of the drinks. My rum with Coke costed me $11, which was pricey compared to those offered in other venues. There was also a person handing me soap in the restroom for tip whether I needed assistance or not.

Overall Holly and I enjoyed our night dancing away at “Shakedown.” I was especially fond of the music selection, and it does seem like “Shakedown” may indeed become a monthly event. I suggest drinkers on a budget to visit a bar like the Association or even Garage Pizza beforehand since the drinks aren’t cheap. Exchange Los Angeles is located on 618 South Spring Street. Free street parking is pretty abundant in the evening. Otherwise, you can take buses 2, 4, 16, 18, 20, 28, 33, 35, 38, 40, 42, 51, 52, 53, 55, 60, 62, 83, 92, 302, 316, 352, 355, 460, 701, 721, 728, and 733.

Please check out our Facebook page for more photos of the event. For videos, click here, here, and here. For updates on future updates, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA.

Be sure to come out to Venice Beach Art Crawl on June 21st. Fellow blogger, Olga Ardulov, will be selling her artwork with a discount to those who mention the blog!

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