Salsa and Bachata Dancing by Steven

Last month, Golda wrote about her swing dancing experience at Lindy Groove. I’ve decided to provide a male perspective by reviewing my participation in the salsa and bachata classes at Salseros-LA.

Salseros-LA is held all around Los Angeles, including El Segundo, Santa Monica, and Sherman Oaks. I attended the Tuesday courses, which were held in a dancing studio in the back of The Fifty Sports Bar & Grill in West Hills. Presently it’s only $10 ($5 if you have a valid college ID) to take both the bachata and salsa classes. That also includes the cover charge so you can dance the night away. Each course is an hour long. The bachata class starts a 7:00pm, and that is followed by the salsa class. Jose Hernandez teaches the intermediate classes while Eva Baseova teaches the beginning classes. Occasionally the beginning and intermediate classes merge together if there’s not enough students present.

Don’t worry if you have no prior dancing experience. The instructors will start off slowly by first teaching students basic foot steps and then hand positions before paring them together. You rotate partners every time you learn a new move so it’s a terrific way to meet new people. The instructors may also dance with you, which is very beneficial because they can immediately provide you with advice.

After the lessons are over, you can stay to practice with other people. It is generally harder for guys because we have to lead. My advice to all the males out there is to be confident, even if you don’t fully know your steps. As long as you can lead your partner around with your arms, she will follow you. Don’t worry about making mistakes either. All of the dancers there are or have been beginners at some point, which is why they’re taking the classes. Unlike a club, this is also the perfect place to ask strangers to dance with you without fear of rejection.

When dancing, make sure to wear comfortable shoes because you will get quite a workout. The Fifty Sports Bar also sells water for $2 to keep you hydrated as well as the typical bar food. Otherwise, there’s a Subway, a Jack in the Box, and an IHOP outside.

Salseros-LA is a perfect way to get people to dance and meet new people. In addition to working out your legs, salsa dancing allows you to work out your arms since there’s a lot of pushing and pulling between you and your partner. The classes are held in different locations depending on the day of the week so please check the website. The one on Tuesday nights is held in The Fifty Sports Bar & Grill in West Hills at 6501 Fallbrook Ave. Because it is located in a shopping plaza, there’s plenty of free parking available. Otherwise, you can take bus #152, 164, 165, 353, and 645.

What’s your favorite type of dance?

Until next time,



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