Hester Street Fair by Steven

While Los Angeles provides many free and affordable events that give us a sense of the city, it also showcases events that promote other cultures within the United States and abroad such as the 626 Asian Night Market on July 28th at the Pasadena City Hall. Recently we visited the Hester Street Fair, a street market that originated not in Los Angeles but in Lower East Side, New York.

The Hester Street Fair started out as a market that caters to popular New York City crafts and fashions. During the summer, Los Angeles locals can get a taste of the Hester Street Fair in Hollywood next to the W Hollywood Hotel. Here you will discover a mix of vintage crafts, necklaces, ethnic dresses, screen printed t-shirts, furry animal hats, jade bracelets, purses, shoes, and charms. You may have seen food trucks, but have you ever heard of a pink fashion truck? The Le Fashion Truck is the first truck I’ve found where patrons enter the back of a truck to shop for clothes. It is an interesting concept even though it gets crowded and stuffy inside.

Although there’s a focus on fashion, that is not all the Hester Street Fair has to offer. One booth sold different blends of curries and herbs such as bombay curry, tikka masala, and cardamom. In addition, the Preservation Society sold handmade jam, pickles, marmalade, and more.

Speaking of food, there is an entire section within the fair that is dedicated to food trucks. My friend Sarah ate a refreshing ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus while I consumed a spicy tuna musubi from Mama Musubi. I was disappointed that the tuna was cooked and minced with the scallops, and as a result, I couldn’t taste the scallops. The tuna was also too soft for my liking, and I regretted not ordering their popular tender pork belly musubi instead. According to my friend Stephen, who just returned from teaching in Japan for several years, the Koshihikari rice that Mama Musubi use is high quality rice! Furthermore, they use free range chicken so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth!! My friend Stephen also purchased poutine, Canadian French fries covered in gravy and curd cheese, from the Gravy Train Poutinerie. As I mentioned in the past, I love trying variations of French fries, and poutine is no exception! The gravy’s rich and smooth without any bad aftertaste.

One booth that caught my interest was the Hollywood Central Park booth. The Hollywood Central Park is an active 10-year project creating a forty four-acre street level public park between Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard right above the 101 freeway! In my opinion, it is an efficient way of making use of the open space above the freeway, and it will hopefully create new jobs, promote healthy communities, and a cleaner environment.

The Hester Street Fair is the perfect way for people in Los Angeles to experience a market in New York without buying a plane ticket. I do feel that the fair caters to females due to its emphasis on fashion, which definitely received no complaints from my friend Sarah. There is an inflatable slide in the back for the kids and a food and a beer garden for the guys waiting.

The next Hester Street Fair will be held on August 18th!! It is located at the lot on Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle Avenue right next to the W Hollywood Hotel. There are plenty of metered and free street parking nearby on the streets next to Hollywood Boulevard. For those wishing to take public transportation, the street fair is also located next to the Hollywood and Vine Metro Station. For more photos, please check out our Facebook page, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA!

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