Fiesta La Ballona by Steven

While I do enjoy fairs with carnival rides and games, I am generally dissuaded by the admission fee. Why should you have to pay to enter when you end up paying again for the rides later? Fiesta La Ballona at Veteran’s Park in Culver City provide the same amount of entertainment without the irritating entrance fee.

At Fiesta La Ballona, you can find rides that fall, spin, twist, turn, and do everything in between. There are bumper cars, a ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a slide, a tornado, a Gravitron, and more for only three to four tickets. Each ticket costs $1.25, but you can save a bit by buying 20 tickets for $20 or 50 tickets for $40 and splitting them with your friends. For those who loves rides but are on a budget, the fair sells wristbands that give you unlimited rides for six hours from 12PM to 6PM for only $25! That’s definitely cheaper than going to a theme park!!

If rides don’t catch your interest, there are many other activities that you can partake in. You can try to win some adorable stuffed animals at the game booths. Speaking of animals, there is a petting zoo, and pony rides are also present for children. There are also booths that sell vintage clothing and accessories as well as a public display of vintage cars and a hilarious mobile prison by the Culver City Rotary Club for viewing and picture-taking. On the other side of the park, performers like the Tom Nolan Band play soulful music to get people on the dance floor. There’s literally a dance floor set up so people don’t have to dance on the grass. The dance area is also properly shaded to keep everyone happy.

While “Fiesta La Ballona” vendors supply the essential fair food like nachos, turkey legs, Mini Melts (ice cream in the shape of beads), and onion blossoms, they also provide some ethnic diversity in their food selections. You will be amazed to find gyros, empanadas, teriyaki, and boba tea! Since Fiesta La Ballona is originally created to be a celebration of early settlers, it’s only appropriate that they have Native American food available as well. “Auntie’s Fry Bread Tacos” food truck in the fair does just that by selling Native American style tacos with chili, beef, grilled chicken, and vegetable on sweet fry bread!

Fiesta La Ballona is a fun and affordable way to enjoy a fair with your family and friends. Today is your last day to check it out with booths running from 11AM to 5PM and rides running from 11AM to 8PM so don’t miss out! The fair is located in Veteran’s Park on 4117 Overland Avenue in Culver City. To get there, you can take bus #1, 3, or 7. You can also find free parking on the street or at the former Courthouse parking lot on Overland Avenue across from the park. For more photos of Fiesta La Ballona, please check out our Facebook page, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA for more fun activities.

So what’s your favorite thing to do at fairs? Please leave us your answer in our comment section!

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