Nisei Week Parade by Golda

Hope you had a great Labor Day, Los Angeles!

Surviving LA on A Budget visited the the Nisei Week Parade in Little Tokyo back in August.  Nisei Week is a week long celebration of Japanese culture in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

We first went to the plaza on 2nd and San Pedro Street to check out the vendors, food trucks and special performances. We saw taiko drumming from Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-ta and a samurai performance  from Kishin Daiko, straight from Japan!

After getting some frozen yogurt from Pink Berry and a drink to cool off, we secured a spot on San Pedro Street to watch the parade. It traveled east on 2nd Street to San Pedro Street, and then north to First Street, East on First Street to Central Avenue, then south on Central Avenue to form a square. The parade was rather long (a few hours!) and had many dancers, performers, cars and much more to entertain guests. The parade did get a bit repetitive after the first hour, but it is inspiring to see how many people come out to Little Tokyo year after year to celebrate Japanese culture in Los Angeles.
Parade floats featured people such as Patrick Bertoletti, 2011 Gyoza Eating Champion, and Naoyuki Kamiya, 2011 Amateur Gyoza Eating Champion to the  Nisei Week mascot, Aki the Akita. Other highlights included martial arts demonstrations and cosplayers. Check out all of our pictures from the parade on our Facebook page here!

The Nisei Week Parade was just one part of the Nisei Week celebration. Other events included a gyoza-eating competition, basketball tournament, karaoke contest, sake tasting, tanbata festival, sumo and much more! For more information, click here.

Little Tokyo is a fun area to explore in downtown Los Angeles and highly accessible by public transportation. You can ride the Red Line to Civic Center station and walk around 15 minutes to Little Tokyo, or ride the loop line community bus Dash or Dash DD from Civic Center station.  Check out our earlier post for some tips on stores and restaurants to check out in Little Tokyo.


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