Los Angeles County Fair by Steven

Founded in 1922, the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona is the largest county fair in the United States. Being surrounded by food, games, rides, and other entertainment, it is easy for one to get lost and spend all their money on a single day. Here are some useful tips I’ve gathered from attending the fair last year on how you can enjoy the L.A. County Fair on a budget.

The carnival rides and games are situated in the front near the entrance to attract patrons and their pockets as they come in. While they are tempting, resist the urge as you walk your way to the back. Avoid the concerts as well since they will cost you anywhere from $18.50 to $125! Beyond the rides and games, there are numerous attractions you can sit and watch, and they are FREE! Animal lovers should definitely attend The Pirate’s Parrot Show and the Barking Buccaneers. At The Pirate’s Parrot Show, Captain Chris Biro holds conversations with his parrots and through mutual trust with the parrots, even juggles one! Rather than confine them to cages, Biro lets his parrots fly unrestricted around the fair. That means you will find these colorful birds soaring around you from all directions. Tip them with a dollar bill, and they will even land on your hand to greet you. You can also pet them after the show! The Pirate’s Parrot Show is educational for children and adults alike as you learn about the different species of parrots and how you can help preserve them. Another pirate-themed show is the Barking Buccaneers As part of this show’s pirate crew, the trained rescue dogs do more than chase tennis balls. You will find them opening treasure chests and steering the stage ship! Since the L.A. County Fair is held by a race track, the day won’t be complete unless you have a chance to visit the Great American Wild West Show. Cowboys stand and flip on their horses, shoot targets with accurate aim while riding, and more at a high velocity! Can’t get enough of animals? Make sure to check out the Big Red Barn where you can pet goats, pigs, sheeps, and more. Visit Spike’s Reptile Territory, and you may get an opportunity to hold a live scorpion!

Other sites of interest include the Land of Frogs, Princesses, and Knights, the California’s Heritage Square, the Flower and Garden Pavilion, and the Aerial Arts Circus Show. My friend Allie and I had a lot of fun posing as royalty as we sat on the thrones located in the Land of Frogs, Princesses, and Knights. At the California’s Heritage Square you can watch people make brooms from scratch and pan for gold like in the Wild West. Last year, the Flower and Garden Pavilion provided a spectacular microcosmic recreation of national parks all over the United States, including Yosemite Park and Death Valley. This year, they’re showcasing landscapes from the host city of this year’s Olympics, London! Afterwards, see acrobats swing and soar through the air in death defying stunts! While it costs money for you to pan your own gold or take acrobatic lessons there, the demonstrations and performances they provide are free and definitely entertaining!

With the money I saved, I was able to spend it on one of my favorite aspects of the fair, the food! The most well known fair food are fried, including fried onion blossoms, fried Oreos, and fried Twinkies. They’re crunchy on the outside and smooth and gooey in the inside. Not a fan of fried food? Then make sure to try the chocolate-covered strawberries! Want a healthier option? Make sure to get a bottle of milk freshly squeezed!

The L.A. County Fair is located on 1101 W. McKinley Avenue in Pomona and runs until September 30 from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s $12 for adults and $7 for children on the weekdays; it’s $17 for adults and $12 for children on the weekends. If you go after 5PM on one of the selected days mentioned on their website, it’s only $5!!! Parking is $12 on weekdays and $15 on weekends so make sure to carpool! A free shuttle will also take you from the parking lot to the entrance and back if you don’t want to walk. Costco is also selling a $54.99 package that includes four admission tickets, one parking pass, and 44 ride/game tickets. Our Facebook page includes photos from last year, including photos from events not present this year like the dinosaur animatronic exhibit and the shark show. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA!

So what is your favorite show from the L.A. County Fair? Leave your response in our comments section.

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