Autumn Lights Festival 2012 by Golda

A week ago, Steven and I went to Pershing Square to celebrate the coming of autumn at the Autumn Lights Festival in Pershing Square of Downtown Los Angeles. The event was a fabulous display of multimedia, light and art. This year’s presentations featured light artists from all over the world, including Canada, Germany, France and Mexico.

The site said that the lights switched on at 6pm, but 7:30pm to 8pm was more accurate, as it was not quite dark that early. As we waited for the lights to switch on, we looked for a place to eat dinner. Surprisingly there was only one food truck at the festival, which sold ice cream and popsicles. It was definitely a hot night, but we were looking for substantial dinner, not just dessert. We found that Pershing Square is a difficult place to find dinner options on a Saturday night, as there was only a Subway and Domino’s Pizza close by. One of my favorite restaurants, Botega Louie, is within walking distance but there is always a long wait to get a table on a Saturday night. Big Wangs is another viable option, but the sports bar has cover on game nights. So your best bed is to come late and eat at home.

When we got back to Pershing Square, it was alight with activity and mist. There was a money tree, hula-hoopers, music, art and light everywhere. Be sure to check out Steven’s pictures on our Facebook page. We also saw live painting, a dance show and a 3D art show. I particularly enjoyed backlight painting art therapy. Painting and coloring is a relaxing activity that I think many adults have forgotten. I also enjoyed seeing the art of Djembre & Canvas again. His 3D Oriental-style art with vivid colors fit right into the theme of the festival. There was also live music playing throughout the night, including Hawaiian band Kings of Spade. All of the above was free to the public. There was also a tented area boasting of a light experience for $5.

One of the best parts was just enjoying the views of Downtown Los Angeles against the lights of the festival. I recently went to New York, but  I still believe that Downtown Los Angeles has some of the most interesting architecture I’ve ever seen. In conclusion, the Autumn Lights Festival is a great way to spend a night immersed in art. Remember to check out photos from the event on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more Los Angeles events. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary by sharing a video from this event, and we’ll have more surprises for you as this month unfolds. Below is another video from the night, of three dancers’ shadows. Hope you enjoy it!


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