Budget Comedy Shows in Los Angeles by Golda

Since Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, many of your favorite comedians and actors live here and perform live comedy every day. What’s even more surprising is that often these events are completely with a $15 a day budget; in some cases even completely free!

In LA you get a mix of comedy beginners, unknowns, up and comers and industry professionals. Many shows are worth your time for a great night of laughs! You can either visit a comedy club or a local bar/restaurant’s comedy night to see shows. I have only been to a few venues and nights myself so I will only discuss the ones I’ve been to here, but for a very comprehensive guide on what’s available, click here.

1. Flapper’s Comedy Club in Burbank: I’ve been to this club a number of times. Always a great night! The most famous people I’ve seen performing at Flappers are from the variety show “Who’s Line is It Anyway?”  If you join this club’s mailing list, they will often send you offers for up to 10 free tickets. The club claims to have a two item minimum per person but in my experience this is not strictly enforced. I’d say it’s most worth going when you have free tickets as the food is good but can get quite expensive. Also keep in mind the dress code.   Shows range from $10-$20 without the cost of food.

2. Second City Hollywood: I’ve been to this venue a few times to see a friend perform. In my opinion, it’s a great place to see up and coming comedians as many of the students perform weekly shows and you can see how performances improve. Although not as popular as rivals The Groundlings, UCB Theatre and iO West, this is still a great place to see an hour of comedy. Shows are usually $10.

3. Saturday! Saturday! Show in Burbank: I went to this show once. What’s pretty cool is they choose an audience member and ask for input and build a show around that person’s stories. So you can really tell it’s improvised right on the spot. Of course there are themes and punchlines, but they do a good job of including the stories in each set. They usually have free cheap beer or bottled water with each show, and in some cases even snacks. Shows are the third Saturday of every month and are only $5! If you join their mailing list you can get a set of free tickets!

4.  Best Fish Taco in Ensenada Comedy Night(actually in Los Feliz): This is a free comedy show that happens every first and third Tuesday of the month at a fish taco stand. Doesn’t sound too promising, but the first time I went I saw Paul Scheer from “The League” and Aziz Ansari from “Parks and Recreation.” Not too shabby for just the price of two fish tacos and beer (which came to about $6, by the way). This is one of the best deals in comedy out there!


3 thoughts on “Budget Comedy Shows in Los Angeles by Golda

  1. Thanks for sharing and reviewing these! As a regular at Flappers, it’s nice to see a perspective on all the comedy clubs nearby and how they compare. I’ll have to try the Best Fish Taco place sometime for their comedy!

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