dineLA: Gordon Ramsay’s Boxwood Café by Steven

The London West HollywoodAre you a fan of “Hell’s Kitchen?” Have you always wanted to savor meals inspired by internationally renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay? Founded by Chef Ramsay and now overseen by Chef Anthony Keene, the Michelin-starred restaurant, “Gordon Ramsay at the London,” and its sister bistro, “Boxwood Café,” provide just that in the heart of the Sunset Strip. Thanks to dineLA Restaurant Week, patrons can now enjoy a reasonably priced three-course lunch at “Boxwood Café” for $25 or three-course dinner at “Gordon Ramsay at the London” for $45 for a limited time. Both establishments offer the same dessert choices, and both offer mushroom risotto as an option for appetizer. The main differences lie in their entrees. While “Gordon Ramsay at the London” offers dinner entrees such as tai snapper and short ribs within their dineLA set, “Boxwood Café” provides brunch items like lobster benedict and The London Burger. Holly Winn from The Social Bug and I opted for the more affordable “Boxwood Café.”

Boxwood CaféEven though it is a bistro, “Boxwood Café” is extravagant with a simple yet classy white decor, golden chandeliers, and a breathtaking view of Downtown Los Angeles. Servers were extremely attentive to our needs, and they made us feel relaxed and welcome.

Braised pork and lobster benedictThe menu is a fusion of California and Asian cuisine. I enjoyed the slight sweetness that the red onion peels provided to the creamy mushroom risotto. Even though they had a texture similar to meatballs, the crispy chicken dumpling appetizer were delicious, especially when mixed in with the sweetness of the hoisin sauce and the tanginess of the sriracha. For the main course, Holly ordered the braised pork and lobster benedict while I ordered the chicken paillard. A large chunk of lobster, not mashed or diced, sat on top of toasted brioche smothered in hollandaise sauce and served with a side of tender pork. Compared to Holly’s dish, I was slightly disappointed by the blend taste of the chicken paillard. While we both did not order The London Burger, it was a popular choice for many due to the portion. For dessert, we treated ourselves to the meyer lemon tart and coconut panna cotta. Interestingly enough, the lemon filling was not wrapped within the crust; it lied on top of it instead. The flavor of the lemon was impactful, but the combination of berries and lemon might prove too sour for those with sensitive taste buds. The coconut panna cotta had the opposite issue. I was forced to mix in the mango sorbet with the panna cotta because I could hardly taste the coconut.

Steven and Holly at Boxwood CaféI would definitely try “Boxwood Café” for the experience. For those of you who are indecisive in choosing an appetizer and entree, I would recommend the crispy chicken dumpling and lobster benedict with braised pork. “Boxwood Café” is located inside The London West Hollywood on 1020 N San Vicente Blvd for breakfast and lunch. Buses #2, 30, 105, 302, and 330 pass by the hotel. There is also metered parking available right on N San Vicente Blvd. dineLA Restaurant Week ends this Friday so be sure to visit within these two days!! For more photos, please go to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA.

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