Pasadena Community Orchestra by Steven

Previously we mentioned how you can attend the Los Angeles Opera and various outdoor concerts for free. However, those free performances are usually restricted to a specific season. I enjoy seeing the Pasadena Community Orchestra because their performances are also free to attend, and they occur frequently throughout the year.

Pasadena Community OrchestraThe Pasadena Community Orchestra is a non-profit organization founded in 1983. Even though it is non-profit, their quality can match those of more prominent orchestras. For instance, they have a full orchestra comprising of 60 to 70 members playing strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion. Occasionally they have guest soloists such as the cellist Christopher Ahn. Even though performances are held in a church, the venue looks and feels like a symphonic hall. The church is extremely spacious, and the acoustics are splendid. When I attended the concert on January 25, the Pasadena Community Orchestra played a wide range of music from classical, romantic works by Robert Schumann to more modern interpretations by Henry Cowell. Cowell’s “Hymn and Fuguing Tune No. 3” definitely revealed his exposure to world music since the piece sounded like a fusion of Asian and Native American music. The night was also educational with the composer providing a short historical introduction to each composer. As a result, attending their performances is a terrific way to spend time with kids and adults.

The Pasadena Community Orchestra is located in the First Church of the Nazarene on 3700 E. Sierra Madre Boulevard with plenty of parking around the church. You can also take Metro bus #487/489. The next concert will be held on February 24 from 2PM to 5PM. Please visit their website for the complete concert schedule. For more photos, please visit our Facebook page. Please remember to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA for more entertainment!

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