Trivia in Los Angeles by Golda

Many bars host a trivia night weekly to challenge LA locals like you and me with food, drinks, and friends. In Los Angeles, there are two specific overall brands: Action and King Trivia. The process is simple, you form a team and play for a few hours weekly to see who knows the most! Trivia bar nights are a great way to get out, discover a new bar, meet new people and drink!

Most of the trivia nights I’ve been to last 5-7 rounds. The round themes vary, but some common ones are handouts with pictures, matching, answers with a common word/theme and guess that famous person/fictional character based on clues. Trivia is usually free, food and drinks are not unless you’re a winner!

I’ve been to several different trivia nights so far, so I’ll list the venues and some of my observations about each one. You can find a full list of trivia locations at the links above.

1) 1793 Public House: Probably the best trivia venue I’ve been to so far. Located in Los Feliz, this restaurant was recently renovated to include a pool area upstairs with a lot of tables for trivia. The space is huge, but unfortunately that also means there is a lot of competition. Last time I went there were over 20 teams. Trivia starts at 8pm on Wednesday nights.

2) Ye Olde Rustic Inn: This is a small pub in Los Feliz. It’s rather dark inside so I found it very hard to write answers down. There are not too many teams competing since the place is so small, but I also found the trivia more challenging than other venues I’ve been to. Trivia starts at 9pm on Sunday nights.

3) Barney’s Beanery: I’ve been to the Burbank location but I’m sure the other locations have their own trivia nights. The food is all right and can be pricey, but the trivia is not all that difficult.Trivia here starts at 9pm on Wednesdays and I believe there is also a different one on Mondays.

4)  Backstage Bar and Grill: This is an interesting dive bar in Culver City. It’s the most unique one I’ve been to so far, with social media integration (at times), matching shapes/logos and much more. Most of the bar food I’ve had here is also quite amazing, especially the mac and cheese. If you live on the Westside, this is definitely a good place to try! Trivia starts at 9pm on Sundays.

Why not go out and try your own hand at trivia? Let me know some other cool places in Los Angeles in the comments below!


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