Bacon Social by Steven

Bacon SocialMove over Downtown Art Walk because we have a new monthly art event in town! Located on the eastern edge of the Art District, the Bacon Social boasts local art, live music, and tons of delicious bacon!

Bacon Social ArtWhile the Bacon Social was held inside a warehouse on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles, a bustling crowd guaranteed that the venue was anything but abandoned! Colorful, diverse artworks from over twenty local artists filled the walls. Some of my favorite pieces included an abstract brushwork by four-year-old Cash Sartorio, vibrant skulls painted by Lisa Betournay, and beautiful portrait photographs by first-time Bacon Social participant Jeremias Corona. Live music by Lyn Saga, The Furious Seasons, The Barrelhousers, and The Riverside kept attendees pumped up throughout the evening. However, art and music aren’t the only things available.

Playing arcade games at the Bacon SocialAn interesting aspect of the Bacon Social that sets it apart from other monthly art events is the inclusion of a retro arcade room on the left. For one to two quarters, you will be able to play classics like “Mortal Kombat,” “Street Fighter,” “Time Crisis,” “Galaga,” “Ms. Pac-Man,” and even “The Simpsons!”

Eating a BLTOf course, it wouldn’t be called the Bacon Social without bacon! Someone was apparently handing out 100 pounds of free bacon throughout the night, but we were unable to locate him. Their kitchen also offered food and drinks, including BLTs, bacon mac-n-cheese, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, bacon cupcakes, bacon caramel corn, bacon shots, and bacon Bloody Mary. Those who don’t eat meat, fret not! According to their website, the Bacon Social offers veggie bacon as well! The food were a bit expensive with the BLT costing $12 and the bacon mac-n-cheese costing $8, but that could be due to the price of the premium bacon strips used. Compared to other bacons I’ve eaten, the ones here were thick and chewy. Unfortunately, they ran out of BLTs early on so many patrons who purchased discounted BLT vouchers on their website were given the option to substitute their orders. The BLT that we ordered also came out burnt. On the other hand, the mac-n-cheese was delicious with four layers of cheese, bread crumbs, and bacon bits. My favorite item has to be the bacon caramel corn for $5. Unlike prepackaged caramel corn, these were smothered in fresh, thick flowing caramel. In addition, there were plenty of tables, chairs, and couches for people to relax with their food while they listen to their favorite bands performing onstage. Overall the food and drinks were popular with the crowd with the line to the kitchen twisting left and right through the art exhibit.

Bacon Social MusicWith only a $7 cover, the Bacon Social is a monthly event that keeps people entertained throughout the night with art, music, food, and games. I do hope that they end up expanding the size of the venue because it was packed, making it difficult for me to view the artworks without people blocking me. It also didn’t help that the line to the kitchen was in the same area as the art and music stage. Having a small venue also meant that the music was louder than usual. I also wish that they increase their supply of food in order to meet the demands of those who purchased BLT vouchers. The Bacon Social is held every month at The Factory on 654 S Myers St just east of the Los Angeles River with plenty of free street parking. You can also take bus #62. You will be able to see the beautiful Sixth Street Bridge lit up in the distance. For more photos of the Bacon Social, please go to our Facebook page. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA for more updates! Join us next time as Golda reviews Casey’s St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival!

And that concludes our 100th post!! So what were some of your favorite posts?

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