St. Patrick’s Day Street Festival by Golda

The team at Surviving LA has been rather busy this month! We apologize for the lack of posts! Luckily there is still plenty going on in Los Angeles to occupy your time. Last month, the Surviving LA team celebrated St. Patrick’s Day right with the street festival at Casey’s Irish Pub in Downtown! We had a great day eating, drinking and listening to tribute music in a sea of green.

Grand Avenue was closed around Wilshire Boulevard and the restaurant to make room for the Festival. You had to arrive before 1PM to get in for free. After 1PM, the admission fee was $8.  A VIP pass was also sold for $20, but that’s not very budget friendly! There was a long line so unfortunately we ended up having to pay. All day long there were games and giveaways supporting the Arthur Guinness Firefighter Foundation. We played toss the bean sack for a clover necklace and won! We also wrote our names on the large chalkboard and took pictures with costumed people and cut-outs.

In the morning, the restaurant served Lucky Charms, eggs, bacon and toast. We got there later in the day and sampled bratwurst, potatoes and corned beef sandwiches. Drink of choice was iced Irish coffee, green beer, or black Guinness! Over 500 kegs of beer was available to all guests, so there was no chance of it running out!

Sets from tribute bands The Potentials, Hollywood U2, Police Experience and Fan Halen played all day. We found the music a bit on the slow side and difficult to dance to. But overall we still had a great day at the street festival. Highly recommended for your St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans!

Be sure to take a look at all of our pictures from the festival on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter account @SurvivingLA for all of the inexpensive events coming up each week. Next up we have a post on the Melrose Trading Post in West Hollywood! Stay tuned!


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