Tuesday Night Cafe by Steven

Tuesday Night Cafe at Union Center for the ArtsWith events like Downtown Art Walk, Pancakes and Booze Art Show, and Autumn Lights Festival, Los Angeles is considered the perfect environment for aspiring artists. One of the longest running free public art showcases in Los Angeles is Tuesday Night Cafe.

Jason Chu and FriendsTuesday Night Cafe is an event hosted by Tuesday Night Project that provides an open exterior space for writers, musicians, painters, activists, and more to perform for free during the summer. The event is also broadcasted live on their website so it is a terrific way for new artists to promote themselves. When I attended the last showcase, I was treated to beautiful acoustic songs by Yuki A, an emotional recollection of one’s childhood by Taz Ahmed, and impactful poetry recitals by Asian American professor Allan Aquino. Even LA-based Asian American rapper Jason Chu showed up to Tuesday Night Cafe to get the crowd excited, which you can watch here!

Open mic performerThis event not only provides a positive focus on the Asian American community but also attempts to strengthen the artist community in Los Angeles. Anyone can sign up for one of three spots for open mic at 7pm regardless of ethnicity. During the last showcase, they welcomed a guitarist from Australia to perform country music onstage. While a lottery will be performed if more than three participants sign up, there is one guaranteed spot for a female-identified, LGBTIQ-identified, or a 17 and under performer.

Tuesday Night Project also raises awareness of the less fortunates during Tuesday Night Cafe. For instance, they encouraged attendees to be marrow donors for A3M and to also donate to those affected by the Bangladesh garment factory collapse that claimed over 1000 lives. Furthermore because Tuesday Night Cafe is free, they are always looking for volunteers to move chairs and set up the stage. Those who come early to help also receive free dinner by their chef.

If you are an artist looking for a venue to perform or you are just interested in checking out new performers, be sure to go to Tuesday Night Cafe, which occurs on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of the month from April through October at 7:30pm. The next show will be held tonight!! Tuesday Night Cafe is located in the Aratani Courtyard in front of the Union Center for the Arts on 120 Judge John Aiso. Parking is available across the street at the Aiso Street Parking Lot for a $3 flat rate after 5pm. It is also a few blocks away from the Los Angeles Metro Union Station. Please visit our Facebook page for more photos, and follow us on Twitter @SurvivingLA for information on future events.

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