Paint Nite by Golda

160418_paint_nite_05For my birthday this year, I decided to celebrate with a creative activity that I haven’t done since I was a child, painting! Through the event Paint Nite, you can also unlock your inner creativity by learning how to paint a specific picture with friends while drinking wine and eating food. At the end, you have a beautiful piece of work that you created that you can display in your home.

160418_paint_nite_03I invited my friends to come to a local bar where Paint Nite was held on a Sunday night. The bar was Sardo’s in Burbank, known mostly for Porn Stat Karaoke. When we came in, the canvases and paint plates were already set up and waiting for us. The teacher had a model of our painting (a daisy with a ladybug on top) in the front. We had three different brushes as well: small, medium, and large. From the very start of the lesson, the teacher told us how to mix colors and which brushes to use to create details such as the petals, water drops and even the intricate ladybug. For me, it was difficult to see how each individual stroke would impact the overall painting so my daisy was somewhat abstract. However, I did enjoy the experience of seeing how everything came together in the end.

160418_paint_nite_04I was glad that it was rather easy to correct mistakes such as using too much paint by using different colors and strokes to hide or create other details. For me, one of the hardest things was drawing straight lines with a brush. One of my favorite parts was mixing different amounts of colors to create new ones, such as a bit of black and lots of white to create the white-grey petals.

160418_paint_nite_10Overall it was a great way to celebrate my birthday with my friends, cocktails, and conversation. Paint Nite is held in many cities across the United States. If you are interested in participating, visit their website, and enter your city and state to find an event near you! The regular cost is $45, but you can buy a Groupon that knocks the price down to $25. Furthermore when you go once, they supply you with multiple promotional codes so that you can go again and again for only $25! My only complaint was that the bar I went to didn’t serve food so after I was buzzed from the drinks, I had to go elsewhere.

You can see more photos from my Paint Nite here as well as photos from other Paint Nites in Los Angeles here. Remember to like us on Facebook, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for information on all the latest upcoming events in Los Angeles!



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