About Us

We’re a collective of broke, entry-level, future Hollywood tycoons (well… hopefully…).  We’re trying to survive LA on a budget without missing out on the Hollywood experience and we want to share our experiences and finds with you.

Our goal is to enjoy life in LA for $15 or less per adventure.  Stick with us and you’ll learn where to socialize, drink, eat, shop, and go on dates with a complete breakdown of areas and events from entertainment value, to atmosphere, and in-depth quality-to-price ratios.

Have a comment, question, or suggestion? Send us a message or email us at survivinglaonabudget@gmail.com!

We look forward to exploring with all of you!


The Writing Staff


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wow! After reading your super review of Whimsic Alley, I’m going there to buy a magic wand. I plan to use the wand when I play poker to change the 2-7 in the hole to pocket aces! Is there a magic spell I should use with it?
    And you say there is no admission charge to all the facilities. Is that correct? Fantastic!

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